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About Maya Bridge Language Services

Providing interpretation and translation services in hard-to-find languages at hard-to-beat-prices

Founded in 2021 with the goal of tackling the interpretation crisis for indigenous Mayan languages, Maya Bridge is an agency with a singular purpose: to increase access to Mayan and indigenous language interpretation. 

Our founder and CEO, Jace Norton, speaks Q'eqchi' fluently, and worked as an interpreter before founding Maya Bridge. While working as Q'eqchi' interpreter, Norton was able to see how dramatic the demand was for Mayan language interpretation and how low the supply of interpreters is for these languages. 

Maya Bridge started providing interpretation services in only one language for one client. Now, we are proud to provide our services to dozens of of clients in a variety of languages. Some of the main languages for which we provide services are:

Q'eqchi' (Kekchí)

K'iche' (Quiché)



Q'anjob'al (Kanjobal)





And more...

We are delighted to be able to work with social services agencies, court districts, local and federal government agencies, hospitals and clinics, foster care centers, schools, other language service providers, and any others who need our services. We provide interpretation through video calls, telephone, and in-person services, and can secure interpreters for prescheduled appointments or ad-hoc.

To learn more about our agency, feel free to visit our website at, or send us an email at


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