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Q'anjob'al interpreters for medical services

Not having an available Q'anjob'al interpreter in medical situations can be as dire as being a matter of life or death. Because Q'anjob'al is a language with a low supply of qualified interpreters, it can be extremely difficult to get connected with a Q'anjob'al interpreter when you and your patient need them, even for non-emergency situations. Thankfully, Maya Bridge Language Services has one of the largest teams of Q'anjob'al to English interpreters in the US. Our interpreters are trained in medical interpreting and are ready to assist. We can work with you to secure an available Q'anjob'al interpreter to accommodate nearly any request, via video or telephone, even on short notice. If you need a Q'anjob'al interpreter for a medical appointment, please click below to get in contact with us. 

More information about Q'anjob'al Interpreters for medical appointments


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